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-No Particular Angle- Grappenings 2.0 with Tiffany from @ALLELITEPOD


-No Particular Angle- Grappenings 2.0

Tiffany (@Luvs2Dream82 on Twitter) from @DatAssPodcast & @AllElitePod drops by the show to discuss all current events in AEW and New York Independents.

We discuss:

Cody’s comments on the throne spot at DoN

What to keep a look out for in AEW

Potential booking plans for Live TV Hesitancies with casual fans and AEW

As well as :

Why more people should be watching House of Glory


The Good, The Great, & The Grand that is ICW!

Make sure to follow Tiffany at the links above and check out youtube/podcast services for everything that she is working on!

- JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

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