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-No Particular Angle- 21 Questions with #QueenAndPupConnection

September 10th, 2019

-No Particular Angle-

21 Questions with #QueenAndPupConnection


Time for a little ‘Get to Know’ with the #WednesdaySquad

Queen and I have prepared 10 questions each to answer to help bring the listening audience into the minds of Queen and Pup.


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-No Particular Angle- David McLane Interview, Founder of WOW! Superheroes

September 4th, 2019

-No Particular Angle-


David McLane Interview


The Founder, Commentator, & Executive Producer of WOW! Superheroes calls in to the show to discuss the upcoming season 2 premier this Saturday, September 7th on AXS TV at 8pm EST!


-No Particular Angle- #QueenAndPupTV!: Variety Hour

August 28th, 2019

-No Particular Angle-

#QueenAndPupTV!: Variety Hour

From BBR's #SummerStream, @theQueenofNE and @bigpawsonapup reach back to the past for some inspiration as they put on a Variety Hour!



- Current Events

- Jericho's Bake Shop

- Dope or Nope

Thank you once again to everyone who donated to the ASPCA and Superkick Foundation!


-No Particular Angle- #watchSTARDOM 5STAR Night 1 is 100%

August 21st, 2019

-No Particular Angle-

#watchSTARDOM 5STAR Night 1 is 100%

JPQ breaks down all thing Night 1:


Breakdown of each match including the unexpected

Touch on STARDOM's #WrestlingFashion

and a surprise song at the end!


-JPQ (@bigpawsonapup on twitter)


-No Particular Angle- #watchSTARDOM 5STAR GRAND PRIX Preview with @BowlingJD

August 14th, 2019

-No Particular Angle-

#watchSTARDOM 5STAR GRAND PRIX Preview with @BowlingJD

Best time of the wrestling year continues with the start of the STARDOM 5STAR GRAND PRIX!!

No one better than @BowlingJD to stop by and help breakdown the current landscape of Stardom, both blocks of competitors, potential winners, & what's next within the World of Stardom!


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-No Particular Angle- Grappenings 2.0 with Tiffany from @ALLELITEPOD

August 7th, 2019

-No Particular Angle- Grappenings 2.0

Tiffany (@Luvs2Dream82 on Twitter) from @DatAssPodcast & @AllElitePod drops by the show to discuss all current events in AEW and New York Independents.

We discuss:

Cody’s comments on the throne spot at DoN

What to keep a look out for in AEW

Potential booking plans for Live TV Hesitancies with casual fans and AEW

As well as :

Why more people should be watching House of Glory


The Good, The Great, & The Grand that is ICW!

Make sure to follow Tiffany at the links above and check out youtube/podcast services for everything that she is working on!

- JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

-No Particular Angle- Warren Takes On WWE

July 31st, 2019

-No Particular Angle-


Mr Warren Hayes Takes on WWE


On this episode of NPA, @MrWarrenHayes from the show (every Thursday) stops by to throw down on WWE.


Sometimes there is a conversation, and sometimes you need to RANT! Warren picks the ladder in a very special episode where I stay out the the way of this salient Canadian and let him get everything off his chest!


-JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

-No Particular Angle- Alex Gracia Interview

July 24th, 2019

-No Particular Angle-

Alex Gracia Interview!


Alex calls in to update the audience on everything happening in her career. We discuss her start with Texas Wrestling Academy, being thrown into Shine 52, her WWE tryout as well as ...

... oh yeah ... HER PHENOMENAL STARDOM RUN earlier this year.


Texas born and raised, they don't make them any sweeter than Alex Garcia!!


Make sure to follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram @AlexGracia3


-JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

-No Particular Angle- Big Paw’s ‘Pup’-Up

July 17th, 2019

-No Particular Angle- Big Paw’s ‘Pup’-Up

Does life get much better than an impromptu stop at a pop up bar in the summertime? I submit that it does not!

And that’s what this new series is all about under the umbrella of ‘No Particular Angle’!

Keep an eye out for “Pup”-Up’s all summer long on podcasts, twitch tv, livestreams - you never know where you might be when a “Pup”-Up happens!

For the first episode in this series, Josh from Wrestling Reverb stops by to have a cerveza and talk all the grappenings from this previous weekend in wrestling!

Follow JPQ @bigpawsonapup & @NPApodcast -JPQ

-No Particular Angle- Independent Day with special guest @EPWShow

July 9th, 2019

- No Particular Angle - Independent Day

Conrad Kushman from @EPWShow stops by on this week to discuss EVERYTHING INDEPENDENT WRESTLING!!!!

We discuss how the scene has changed since AEW’s launch, what to expect from the wrestlers moving forward, the economics of the independent scene, the brewing war between AEW & WWE, favorite wrestlers and local promotions!


Also follow Conrad @EPWSHOW on twitter & YT: UCfrlZAUTfK3K5fhJmOyVC6A

-JPQ @bigpawsonapup @NPApodcast

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